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October 01, 2010


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Oh shit; my secrets are out~ :-)

The Nazareth comment reminds me of my favorite song by them "Whiskey Drinkin' Woman" from the "Hair of the Dog" album. I know they had a couple other hits from that one, but I prefer the slow rhythm & slinky guitar of "Whiskey"...

I completely forgot I had bought an MG Midget in 1979 & installed aftermarket speakers in it. We used to put the top down & crank up the helicopter piece from Pink Floyd's "The Wall".....ah, the memories!


I bought a 1961 MGA in 1968 while in Germany. It was a fun car, kept it for years and wish I had it now. Like on the 54 Corvette, the windows did not roll up and down - you just put them in the trunk. Pretty much on both, if it was raining or snowing outside, it was doing the same inside. Good fun !!!


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