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August 13, 2010


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dude, you put outdoor speakers in your house ?


Well, .... yea.
Speakers sound good or they don't. Outdoor speakers are the same except for some weather proofing, and the fact that most sound like crap. These sound better than what 99% of TV watchers are listening too. The bass goes down to 55 on them. They are made so you can actually use just one for stereo if you choose. They have 4 posts and two tweeters - they share the woofer used as a single stereo speaker. I like the sound of them so much, I have one mounted under the console on my boat wired for stereo. Go back to my post and click on the link. These are great sounding speakers if you have a decent amp to give them some power.

Before them I had the best Bose outdoor speakers on my deck. Those are way at the back of my closet and for sale cheap. email if you need them, and your neighbors will be impressed at your good taste.



have you ever actually heard good speakers ---ha ha


Well, maybe. What do you consider good speakers? Audiophile speakers go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cables for them into the tens of thousands.

At the end of the day, the music sounds good to you or it does not. Speakers are just one part of the chain, and how you mix the parts changes everything. I learn all the time from friends who have some incredible stuff they have rebuilt into really incredible stuff as they tailor it to themselves.

I do have "better" speakers than these in the blog. Well, that is wrong. Speakers are different and made for different environments. I have "more expensive" speakers in my bar where I need things to be loud and rock with authority to fit in with the pool table and the beer tap. I have a preamp and amp that fits in and works well there.

My "best" (most expensive) speakers are set up in my outdoor room. I use them for music, not TV or playing pool. You can't really listen to music and do anything else at the same time. It is not possible.

Tell us about your system.



Sounds like a great setup for $50.00

You should have painted the white speaker black while you were painting the PVC pipe~


Actually, I considered painting the black one white.

Like I said, will be changing these out as soon I find a nearly free pair of Polk VM 30.



hey loki, have you heard good speakers? can't see how with the peristaltic waves interfering with sound waves.


Hey Loki,

What kind of speakers do you have for listening? Have you even heard the speakers Yardcrap is using? I haven't myself but it comes down to what sounds good to you. If he likes them, that is all that matter!! Did you even take notice that they are being used for surround speakers?


Hey Loki; I have know Yardcrap for some time now, and I'm always amazed at his imagination to obtain great audio on a budget. It really does take trial and error just like anything to gain experience. YardCrap has been there done that, don't question what he does, just except it, why you ask? Like I said, he's been there done that! And don't even question his computer experience unless you want a good ass kickin! LOL!


Loki...what a comment! They look good to me and with the Carver amp pushing them I KNOW they will sound good!!!Great engineering job on the stands Bill!


I've always felt that the LESS you spend to get MORE is the true mark of an "audiophile". Folks with more money than brains (that not yardcrap!) try and throw money at the "problem" (great sounding system) and either end up being some stupid audio salesman sucker or quickly tire of the "mega expensive" system that they throw together with no real thought or "synergy". "Evolving" a system that slowly takes shape over the years and allows one to accumulate great gear at bargain prices is the way to build a great system that will be much more appreciated (and used!) then some "totally new and improved latest and greatest" (not!) "turn key" system from whatever "high end" ripoff joint flavor of the month "sound botique" (yuck!), loco Loki!

Carol Shaw

Bill, as I know just how smart and imaginative that you, I am sure that these will work fine. I do not know anyone that has as many toys as you do. I am glad to know that you are recycling (and satifying Kay).

Carol Shaw

Loki, if Bill puts his mind to any project, it will work. he is a genious with sound.


Looks like a damn good system to me.

Loki, I was at guitar world the other day, listening to all the guitar expert customers, spouting at all of the salesman about how much technical information they new about guitars. Laymen like me thought they were all consummate experts, maybe one step down from Jimmy Hendrix. That was unit they started playing at least. The playing showed them for the pathetic beginners they really were.

Loki, it’s obvious to me that your cut from the same stock as those punk (black sense) asshole’s at Gutiar World. The bottom line is, that you could have the greatest speaker system in the history of the world, and you still wouldn’t know how to appreciate a good song, much less a good song from a bad song.



Can you tell me the difference between audio equipment made for the interior or exterior? Most are interchangeable. I run indoor speakers on my deck. Does that make me an asshole?


As a guy putting up a simple garden blog, I have been amazed at the support here. Thanks.

As to indoor/outdoor speakers, my outdoor deck speakers are Sunfire CRS-3 Ribbons pulled with a Benchmark DAC PRE and a Carver 705. I try not to to brag, but not many care that much about their outdoor music. Living in SC, it is just hard to go inside.

Thanks again guys, and girls.



That is one hell of an OD speaker! I don't even have those yet!

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